Not long ago, socks were perhaps the most unspotted garment during summertime. Except for sporting purposes, socks must remain out of sight, either by using the so-called invisible socks or go straight without them. What about daring to wear socks with sandals? This has always been considered a splendorous exhibition of lack of any fashion sense.

However, times are changing and so are fashion preferences. By taking a look at different menswear catwalk shows and lookbooks, you might ask yourself: what’s going on here? White, black and dark blue shin-length socks are proudly shown off while wearing slip-ons, sneakers, sandals or flip flops.

The reasons behind this “show your socks” mantra might be diverse. First, it connects pretty well with the active/performance wave that is currently influencing streetwear collections. Furthermore, it represents a new broken fashion taboo, turning something hideous and tasteless into a trend.

As far as I’m concerned, I only see one advantage of wearing socks with sandals: they prevent my feet from blistering.