We have a new upcoming trend on our radar: the personalized monogram style. And it was just about time that this trend is popping up. In a world where it gets harder to really stand out with an individual style, where every city has the same stores and we are just one click away from the next trend – and you really can’t tell the difference between street looks in Copenhagen, New York, Paris, London or Berlin anymore – a personalized monogram can give us a feeling of carrying something really special, unique and one of a kind.

Following the motto: ‘Let’s get personal’ the two German designers Jens Heimerdinger and Sascha Freyber came up with the idea for their accessories label Loup Noir. Every customer can buy accessories with their very own initials on it. The accessories are produced in Italy. Of course it is a matter of taste, but according to the Loup Noir founders, the demand for those bags is rising.

Ok, we have to admit this style is not for everybody and it is often linked to preppy styling, but in the end there must be a reason why millions of women still fall for monogrammed fashion items like the Louis Vuitton bag, MCM bags, Gucci and many more…

And why not create your personal monogram for your sweater, sneaker or ripped denim? This way the monogrammed style will definitely make its way to the streets.