Straight from the streets we’ve heard a strong fashion roar: long line cut t-shirts, shirts and sweaters are having a big moment, especially in menswear. 

This trend started already last fall/winter season, but it was still in an incipient phase, probably because long line cuts are a quite feminine-associated silhouette. So it took a bit of time to convince men of all its advantages: long line apparel gives them the key to create layer looks when combining various clothes and cuts. The impact of a long line top is stronger if you wear it with short pants, as it creates the optic impression of a dress-like piece. 

For this SS15, not only brands like Asos, 3.Paradis or Edward Crutchley are having long line pieces within their assortments. After seeing the runway shows of labels like Hood by Air for the next cold season, we can only confirm that long line apparel will continue being key.