When you are thinking about tweed, certainly Chanel´s famous bouclé jacket comes to your mind: created by Gabrielle Chanel, the iconic Chanel jacket is a stable peace in the fashion world. Over decades it has been re-created more than once and is still a key piece.

So what´s so new about tweed? For those who always thought that tweed – either as a jacket or skirt – is just too chic and a little bit outmoded and definitely wouldn’t pass as a cool look – be told: you are wrong. Fashion darling and A-list blogger Chiara Ferragni was recently spotted wearing a tweed suit from Chanel with glittering Adidas Allstars. Matching oversize Chanel earrings and a white Chanel bag completed the look. Blogger Alexandra Pereira from Lovely Pepa created the twist with a loose top, a lot of bangles and a big clutch with an ethnic print.

The clash of high fashion and streetwear brings yet another fresh look to the streets: in combination with snazzy sneakers and jolly earrings, the traditional Bouclé jacket, as well as skirts, tops and etui dresses, enjoy a fresh and urban look.

For the upcoming season, tweed has been spotted in pastel shades, combined with other fabrics like denim and leather or as a whole suit, mixed up with white sneakers and chunky jewelry. Moreover, the tweed-trend is also used for shoes and bags and can also be worn as a stand-alone piece.