Girls had a lot of fun with messy high top knots and colorful split ends as we have seen on Kylie Jenner or Katy Perry lately, along with many other fashion and beauty bloggers. Now these hairstyles have to make space for this season’s new trend: the half-bun.

This hairdo currently appears everywhere. People wear it on lazy Sundays, as well as at parties and even on the red carpet. Stars like Sienna Miller, Heidi Klum and Margot Robbie made this loose bun -a variation of the normal pony tail- socially acceptable.

The half top knot combines the best of both styles. It is an easy and flattering hairstyle, allowing you to wear your hair open without an upsetting hair front hanging in your face. The less effort you put in, the better it looks and in a few minutes you are ready to go.