In a clear go-against-the-flow attitude, last season saw the rise of wearing black apparel even when temperatures reached their peak, breaking an unwritten rule that links summer fashion with bright colors. Besides, other phenomena like viral movement Health Goth –which stands for wearing black monochromatic sportswear from head-to-toe every day- sparkled the trend even more. But as music band Queen once put it, the show must go on and both runway and brand imagery suggest a partial twist with the reappearance of pastels for men in spring/summer 2016.

Pastels experienced their hey-day in the 1980s thanks to the borders-crossing success of the NBC police series Miami Vice, with the weakness of its lead character Sonny Crocket (played by Don Johnson) for pastel-colored shirts and suits. The new take on pastels floods everything ranging from high fashion (Ermenegildo Zegna Couture; Acne Studios) to streetwear- and casualwear labels such as Champion, Camel Active, Alberto and Bench. Shades of blue, green and pink are among the favorite ones for colored sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops and suits. By seeing the vivacious tailoring of Paul Smith, one thing is for sure: the sun won’t be the only dazzling thing next summer!