After the shows in Milan, London and Paris came to an end, the first hints of what is about to come for menswear in spring/summer 2016 (SS16) are: patterns, cuts and fabrics inspired by traditional Asian styles. A pioneer in this trend who already drew inspiration from these territories for his current range was UK menswear designer Craig Green. Green’s minimalist construction, the domain of white and also the way he gives depth to outfits through cutouts and long straps clearly brings to mind the dressing of karateka. His proposals for SS16 continue evoking the same concept.

But more than cuts, patterns and fabrics are the strongest borrowings designers and labels have done to merge them into occidental clothes. Louis Vuitton has adapted many ideas and techniques from East Asia. For instance, the collection includes an American flight jacket with hand dyed and sun dried Japanese Kobe leathers made of silk and denim. Also a total look in silk with printed birds and flowers. Gucci introduced silky blouses and coats with embroidered flowers. From the same source, Dolce & Gabanna bets on silk three-piece suits and oversized tees with peacocks, swallows and dragons inserted in bamboo forests.

I don’t believe that these motifs will become THE trend of the next warm season –after all, many male customers continue being quite conservative in the way they dress and skeptical towards feminine-related silhouettes and fabrics. Nevertheless, it continues to point out how the line between men’s and women’s styles is blurring in a scary fast pace.