Lately, we have been reporting about a steady interest in '90s trends within the fashion scene (see e.g. tattoo chokers) on this online section. The latest movement that has evolved during the last months and is now having an impact on the market in terms of brands alliances in heritage sportswear pieces, labels and products, is basically everything from the '90s.

Names like Fila, Champion or Supreme who were big players in the last decade of the 20th century, are now experiencing a strong comeback, and classic old staples like cropped sweatshirts, polo shirts, baseball caps, bags and tracksuits might be found at etailers like ASOS and also platforms like eBay, where they are auctioning at a way higher price as for what you would have paid only a few months ago. We are talking about strong logo-branded products, which consumers embrace as a distinction piece among the several unbranded basic apparel that they’ve been stocking in the last seasons, fruit of fashion movements like Normcore.

The return of old heritage sportswear pieces hasn’t been overlooked by other fashion players, who have wisely joined forces with these brands. For instance, Swedish label Wood Wood has created a range for this spring/summer together with Champion, mixing up sport bras with wide-leg pleated pants, among others. The Adidas Originals and Palace collection is exhaling a similar look. Champion also teamed up with New York’s sartorial fashion connoisseur Todd Snyder, whose best pieces are dark camouflage printed tops and a beige varsity sweatshirt with black faux leather sleeves.