Yesterday I had to face the truth: warm fall days are definitely gone. And while I am still mourning about that fact, my wardrobe challenges me with even bigger problems. It's the same thought that strikes my mind every year: I got nothing to wear! Every sweater suddenly looks old, every jacket and coat outdated, not to mention the shoe problem! 

So it's definitely time to look out for a new coat, following the principle to re-work my outfit from the outside to the inside and from top to bottom. And while going through the pages of diverse lookbooks and browsing through the internet it becomes quite clear what the current it-piece is: the oversize coat!

No matter what color or pattern - the oversize coat conveys a sense of effortless Scandinavian chic. The secret of the oversize coat? Its simplicity and reduced design makes it a real eye catcher. No knick knacks like unnecessary buttons, embroideries or other decorations, the clean cut and trapeze silhouette flatters every figure and creates a cool look. Combined with denim and boots or even sneakers, the oversize coat is a thankful combination partner. Whether it's fast fashion chains like Zara, Primark, Mango, Dunnes Stores or higher prices labels like Strenesse or By Malene Birger - oversize coats are available in every price segment.

Now I only got to face my other wardrobe problems and I should be good to go...if not, I just throw my new oversize coat over the remaining outfit, it should be covered just fine!