This past June saw the launch of the Berlin-based fashion label Sloe, now available exclusively at select retailers and online. The label strives to combine elegance with understatement and extravagance with purism, which is realized within the creation of each garment.

Antonia Siegmund runs Sloe with art director Matthias Last and has studied at London’s Central St. Martins as well as at HAW Hamburg. In explaining her design motivation, she said: “I’ve always found bags to be overly decorated. For me, it is not the ornamental detail but the fusion of form, function and material that is most important in design.”

The collection focuses on bags, which are manufactured in Europe in small quantities and are suitable for both men and women in their simplicity. Sloe only uses Italian garment leather in its designs, with strong, logo-printed organic cotton lining the interior. The brand also produces limited edition silk and wool clothing as well as leather cushions.