Fashion Box SpA, company that owns and manages the Replay, Replay & Sons and We Are Replay brands, has named Aldo Palmeri as their new executive director.

Palmeri, expert manager who has already worked for top positions for companies and groups including Benetton, Banca d’Italia, City Bank, Roland Berger and Ferrero, is now part of the board of directors of the group.

Palmeri’s responsibilities include administration, finance and control areas (including activities relating to legal and corporate matters and relationships with institutions). He will also manage human resources, organization and services.

Matteo Sinigaglia, CEO, Fashion Box SpA, commented: “The arrival of of Belle International Holding taking over a 29% quota of Fashion Box Spa, is aimed at facing more consciously the organization challenge of the global relaunch of Replay and The Fashion Box Group.”

Aldo Palmeri, new executive director of Fashion Box SpA, added: “I was happy to pick this new challenge and take advantage of my previous experiences working for one of the most relevant groups in Italian premium denim.”