For the upcoming edition of Denim by PV Barcelona, Turkish denim specialist Çalik will launch its new line of performance denim fabrics called Denim Science by Çalik. The ten items in the new line feature the innovative functional fabrics in rigid, stretch and superstretch variants and various shades of indigo and black.

The new range of denim jeans employs advanced technology fibers such as Outlast, Miyabi and UHMwPE, giving the new Denim Science by Çalik  line properties such as thermal regulation, durability, abrasion resistance and a combination of good moisture management and a natural feel.

Outlast is a technology initially developed for NASA in order to protect astronauts from extreme heat fluctuation and, according to Çalik , the denimn weaver is one of the first denim manufacturers to employ this technology.

UHMwPE is the world’s strongest fiber, 15 times stronger than steel, lighter than water and extremely durable. While protecting against cuts, abrasions, tears, punctures and slashes, this fiber is lightweight, thin and flexible and also highly heat-conductive.

Miyabi is a recent development by Mitsubishi Rayon and is used by Çalik  to create fabrics that are soft, smooth and comfortable to wear, feature superior anti-pilling properties and keep you warm.