According to different media reports, online fashion retailer Zalando will launch a styling service for men and women, provisionally called 'Curated Shopping', within the first half of 2015. "The project is running internally. We are currently working on the site and talking with stylists. In the first half of 2015 we’ll provide more detailed information", a Zalando spokesperson told SI.

Such services are already provided in the German market by companies such as Outfittery and Modomoto only for men. It consists of bringing together stylists (and therefore also merchandise) with people who want to look fashionable but either don’t follow trends or don’t go shopping themselves.

Apparently, the styling service will be linked through the conventional Zalando website and will only be available in Germany for now. The Berlin-based company’s concept will only be operated online: customers will be able to take a style test in order to define their look and the Curated Shopping will choose a suitable stylist for this person.

So far, there’s no exact date set for the launch of the Curated Shopping platform.