The online shop Zalando teams up with emerging designer Tim Labenda. The 10-piece capsule collection ‘Tim Labenda for Zalando’ will be available from 1 September 2014 on

After meeting Zalando Assortment Lead Kai Zollhöfer at the Vogue Salon in Berlin, they developed the project idea to design a wearable collection for women. The design process was completely guided by the designer Tim Labenda; the only influence from Zalando concerned specific needs for a clear online presentation, such as reducing transparency of the materials and offering wearable cuts.

The collection presents the progressive and straightforward signature style of Tim Labenda. “My designs stand for a balanced mix of avant-garde and wearability”, the designer exposes. Inspired by the children’s book classic “The NeverEnding Story” by Michael Ende, the collection combines the two settings of the night forest and the desert. Key pieces are the knit jumper “Ygramul” and the wool coat “Morla”. Prevailing colors are navy blue and black, while contrasting materials like neoprene and alpaca wool build up an interesting tension. The prices range from 199 Euros for the plaid “Auryn” to 899 Euros for the coat.

Tim Labenda
Tim Labenda
The processed materials originate from Italy, while the entire production takes place in Germany. “I find a personal relation with the material suppliers and the producers very important, because I’m very interested in knowing the people who stand behind our materials, and to get an overview over the complete supply chain”, states Tim Labenda.

The German designer Tim Labenda is the winner of the FASH European Fashion Award 2013, as well as the STEFFL Best Newcomer Award 2014 and is recognized in public through the German TV Show “Fashion Hero” in 2013. In January 2014, he has presented his designs at Vogue Salon during Berlin Fashion Week for the second time.