The name of the company, Code is the New Black, might remind of a title for a movie. If any, it would be a sci-fi title, as this fashion and tech innovation-hub is setting the rules of fashion business in very near future. Based in Berlin, Code is the New Black develops consumer and B2B products. Their first project, Ispo, was launched in November 2014 with great success and media attention. With the app, users who take a picture of a garment can find instantly similar products to the one photographed available to shop. Now, founder Yvonne Tesch –entrepreneur in search engine technology- and co-founder Jessica Hannan –previously journalist and marketing editor at Net a Porter- launched CovetMe, a new revolutionary concept. In this interview, Jessica explains us what the new app is all about and how this field still has room for innovation. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

Why did you start ‘Code is the New Black’? How was the idea born?
We were frustrated with the amount of techy start-ups launching fashion products without any real passion for style, and instinct, and equally: fantastic fashion companies that were afraid of tech… We wanted to marry the two.

Why did you choose to be based in Berlin?
Yvonne was born here, and has great success on the start-up scene, and Jessica moved here from London in 2013, as she believed it was a good place to be for tech innovation…

Apart from you, how many people are currently in-house?
We have currently 15 employees.

CovetMe allows users to tag products and get rewarded by each klick that they obtain
CovetMe allows users to tag products and get rewarded by each klick that they obtain
How do you value the content creation side in a phone app?
We value it 100%, we are launching CovetMe, fashion’s first reward scheme for social media users, and have an expert team from the fashion and design industry working on it so it looks good enough for fashion-lovers and the industry, as well as is technically functional.

Your most recent launch is the app 'CovetMe’ –users who share and tag fashion products images through social media are rewarded with points for every click they obtain, to be exchanged afterwards for vouchers, among others–. Have you found support in the fashion industry to push this project forward?
Yes! Brands love it, we are giving them a new marketing channel and access to social-media user’s organic conversations – which they have until now, been locked out of. It’s a very exciting time…

Do you still see room for innovation in the field of fashion apps?
Absolutely, it’s barely the tip of the iceberg! There is so much potential and fashion-lovers, especially ‘social-media natives’ are really open, and hungry for new ways to consume fashion.

In which markets are your currently operating? Any expansion plans in sight?
Globally! That’s the beauty of the internet; you have to make sure everything works on a global scale, as you cannot control your audience. In terms of expansion, we are always working on image recognition, developing that, but CovetMe, is really our key release for 2015.

Zalando and MAC are some of the brands that are supporting the CovetMe app
Zalando and MAC are some of the brands that are supporting the CovetMe app