This fall, Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto gives exclusive insights in his life and work in Theodore Stanley’s short documentary film “This is my dream”. Since his debut collection in 1977, Yamamoto has been known for his radical innovations and has challenged the fashion industry with his way of mastering sculptural forms and proportions, aside from his penchant for androgyny and asymmetry.

In line with the ten-year anniversary of Y-3, Yamamoto’s collaboration with Adidas, the documentary follows the designer and his global team, through the entire creative cycle of the Y-3 collection. During the summer and early fall of 2009, the film documents Yamamoto’s work on the collection during castings and fittings, as well as offering a rare glance in the designers creative mind and his aesthetic vision.

"Yohji is a very private person and has maintained this privacy despite being one of the intriguing working artists and designers of our time.  We needed to enter this world as an outsider but leave with images and words that allowed an intimate glimpse to this man's interior," says Theodore Stanley, director of the documentary.