On Tuesday, Wrangler celebrated the launch of its Fall/Winter 2014 collection at the Eskimofabriek in Ghent/Belgium together with retailers and sales representatives.

After the fashion show, which emphasized again the american heritage of Wrangler, the different collections for men and women were presented across four rooms. Starting with the men’s collection, Wrangler has extended its Denim Performance collection, and focused on the ‘Keeps you warm’, ‘Water resistant’ and ‘Iconic fit’ styles.

Debuting at the show, Keeps you warm consists of jeans that are woven with thermolite fibres that retain warmth at no extra weight. The ‘Water resistant’ series is now in its third season and has been expanded so that the water repellent function is now also used on non-denim garments such as twill fabrics and chinos. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Wrangler’s best selling jeans, the company has created the Toughmax model, made from denim with extra strong weft and a comfortable fit. This model is available in a special edition in three finishes; black, blue black and blue stonewashed.

For women, Wrangler has introduced the new ‘Live in denim’ product platform, comprising the three collections ‘Shape keeper’, ‘Silk soft’ and ‘Denim Spa’. Even though some collections already existed before, the goal of the platform is to sharpen the women’s profile, said a company speaker. The Denim Spa collection now includes argan oil finishes, and the ‘Shape keeper’ now offers super skinny and regular slim fits.

Matthias Herrmann, Sales Director responsible for Germany, Austria and Switzerland: “In 2014 we plan to open three or four own stores in Germany and by the end of 2017 we have a goal to open 30 partnership stores in Europe.“