WP Lavori USA, worldwide licensor for international brands such as Woolrich John Rich & Bros. and Woolrich Woolen Mills will open their first US Woolrich John Rich & Bros. shop-in-the-shop at Brooklyn Smith + Butler, in New York.

"Smith + Butler and WP Lavori share a special admiration for US heritage brands," comments Franco Di Carlo, CEO, WP Lavori in Corso USA. "Opening our first shop-in-the-shop in Brooklyn will give us the opportunity to have direct involvement with the local consumers who love and appreciate Woolrich John Rich & Bros. And there is no better partner than Smith + Butler we could have chosen to work with."

The store based in 225 Smith St. Carroll Gardens, will present the WJRB men Spring/Summer 2013 collection that includes tailor-made items and sportswear apparel inspired by the brand's outdoor origins, by its classic American style and innovative design.

"At Smith + Butler, we do our best in order that all brands we offer well match with our own store's identity," comments Marylynn Piotrowski, owner, Smith + Butler. "Woolrich John Rich & Bros. perfectly adapts itself with this store's aesthetics."

The Woolrich John Rich & Bros. will be sold in 25 sq. meters of the shop, within a carefully designed space characterised by historic pieces of furniture purposely designed for the shop-in-the-shop.