Paul Smith will collaborate with the Woolmark Company as its latest brand ambassador to promote the use of Australian Merino Wool. Paul Smith will incorporate the material for his S/S 2014 and F/W 2014/2015 collections that will be presented during London Men’s catwalk shows. The collaboration will include an ad campaign with Paul Smith as testimonial for Merino Wool, which will run for both S/S 2014 and F/W 2014/2015.

The Woolmark Company has chosen Paul Smith for this global partnership to highlight his design philosophy of ‘individuality’ and affirm the place of Merino wool as a premium, innovative and versatile fibre.

Paul Smith commented: “I have always been a fan of natural fibres, cotton for shirts and wool for the rest, a good staple diet for a fashion designer. Of course over the years since I started, there has been lots of other new high tech fabrics that have arrived but I still tend to stick with my wool, I’m very supportive of good solid businesses like all the natural fibres that we need to support around the world.”

For the first season of the collaboration for S/S 2014, Paul Smith will concentrate on “Cool Wool” obtained through advanced production techniques. “Cool Wool is very important for us because Paul Smith is selling into 72 countries around the world and a lot of the countries we sell to are very hot all year round or very humid and so Cool Wool has really helped us with that and high twist wools and fabrics that have life, because a lot of our clients are actors, fashion designers, architects, graphic designers, people who are on aeroplanes, trains, travelling all the time so you need fabrics that have got life.”

Robert Langtry, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, The Woolmark Company commented: “We are happy about this collaboration with Paul Smith. It enhances the solid positioning of wool in this market. Moreover the Cool Wool brand stresses how versatile this brand can be.”

Australian Merino wool is produced every year by 70 million Australian Merino sheep.