The German multilabel retailer Wöhrl has announced its financial results for the first half of the current fiscal year 2013/14, obtaining positive numbers in all variables considered. In addition, Wöhrl has communicated that as of January 2015, the company will take over essential central services of the fashion retailer SinnLeffers, subsidiary of the Wöhrl AG, in order to create cost synergies.

When looking at the company’s financial results, Wöhrl has stated that sales revenues have increased 4.8% to €182.6 million (prior number: €174.3 million) and the Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) grew by 26% from €5.2 million to €6.6 million. Wöhrl’s turnover rose from €145.8 million to €149 million during the first half.

The takeover of central services of SinnLeffers by the Wöhrl AG will include the following areas: purchasing and inventory management, marketing and communications, human resources, accounting, controlling and IT services. Various IT integration projects have already been launched to harmonize the different IT applications of both businesses.

Oliver Wöhrl, CEO of Rudolf Wöhrl AG: “Altogether, we are thus very optimistic about the future. The purchasing- and cost synergies are expected to be fully effective from the middle of next year, but also for the current fiscal year, we continue expecting to achieve our sales- and earning targets and generate a positive year result."