There’s nothing cozier than wrapping up in blankets during wintertime. Yoni van Oorsouw and Manon van Hoeckel, the two girls behind Dutch brand Wintervacht accepted the challenge of translating this feeling into clothing pieces. How? Well, quite simple: using old blankets as the main fabric for their unisex jackets and coats. The results are astonishing, as the classic vivid colors and interesting geometrical forms out of blankets make the garments charming, creating a very special surface feel. Fabrics are sourced by themselves on flea markets and in second-hand stores in the Netherlands.

Yoni and Manon met in design school and took sewing classes from Yoni’s mother. At some point, when she asked the girls to try making their own garments, Manon was immediately inspired to use three heavy old blankets that she had at home. Eventually, she and Yoni crafted each a jacket and started wearing it to school. The jackets were such a blockbuster that classmates and friends got interested; later on friends of friends and so on. That was the root of Wintervacht back in November 2012.

Meanwhile, the brand sells its creations online on their own website and also on markets such as The Local Goods Market in Amsterdam for retail prices from €145 to €245. They promote themselves on trade shows such as Modefabriek as well. Next winter, the designer duo will place their collection in the Arnhem store and Harvest Club in Antwerp. The heads of Yoni and Manon are constantly looking out for new ways of creating. “This year we will have a limited edition of bomber jackets made of sleeping bags. We want to do a summer collection as well and are looking for materials we can use. Because we only use second-hand materials, we’re really focused on quality. It depends on the material we find what we will make out of it. Now we’re sewing coats but it can also be a bag, chair or something totally different. We let the material inspire us,” says Yoni.