White Milano, the Italian contemporary fashion show held in Milan from 20 to 22 September 2014, registered an 18% buyer visits increase compared with September 2013 and a stable presence of top Italian and international boutiques and departments stores. Compared with the 2013 correspondent edition foreign buyers have grown 5%. The three locations occupied by the show - Tortona 27, Tortona 35 and Tortona 54 hosted collections by 453 international companies and a total of 18,000 visitors.

Winner of the Inside White Award was the Malph brand by the young Milanese designer Luca Gregorio prized by Elisabetta Giannini, part of Italian Buyers’ Chamber, and owner of the Cose boutique in Cremona.

“Such an energetic fashion week can move the whole Italian fashion business to work even more and better for a sector – fashion – that is so important for our country,” commented Massimiliano Bizzi, founder, White Milano.