Swedish brand Weekday has unvealed its new women's wear label Fade to W. The line, that will be sold throughout all Weekday’s stores, will offer two collections a year, which are created by external designers in collaboration for Weekday. The premiere collection is designed by Danish Stine Goya. The first drop includes sharp waistlines, strong patterns and lace details. It includes 19 items with retail prizes ranges from 22 EUR to 250 EUR.

"By introducing Fade to W we aim to create a clearly feminine complement to the house of Weekday. Considering her expression it was a natural choice to invite Stine Goya to create the first collection and form the basis for this brand together with us," says Brand Marketing Manager Elinor Nystedt.

Fade to W is one out of two new brands being introduced by Weekday. So far company didn't publish more information on the other line.