‘We want Shoes’ has recently officially started its virtual marketplace for shoes and accessories. The digital fair is aimed as platform on which brands and agencies can show their products in virtual showrooms, enabling orders from buyers and press. The brands range represents the market and offers products from the mid-prize to higher-prize segments. So far the showrooms include brands such as Janiko, Michalsky and JS, to name only a few. Brands such as United Nude, Viking, Act, among others, should follow soon.

‘We want Shoes’ first cooperated with the former footwear fair ‘What about shoes’ that took place in Berlin once. The software was used to create a digital edition of the fair called ‚What about Shoes365‘. After ‘What about shoes’ was cancelled last August, the company behind 'We want Shoes' decided to continue with the digital concept of a footwear marketplace of ‘We want Shoes’ in 2015.

As Christiane Dietz from ‘We want Shoes’ comments, their platform won’t replace any physically show or fair. The digital showrooms are aimed as Add-On that should make distribution easier and should give young unknown brands the chance to present their products to about 7000 German speaking buyers.
We Want Shoes offers virtual showrooms for shoes and accessorie brands
We Want Shoes offers virtual showrooms for shoes and accessorie brands

The concept of ‘We want Shoes’ focuses on easy-to-handle-tools to create the brand’s showroom with pictures, product details and the brand’s story. The log-in for buyers is for free while brands and agencies have to pay a fee for their showroom space, depending on the size. Every virtual showroom can be visited only with permission of the showroom operator. For this, the platform supports three types of order divisions: pre-order, stock-order and press-sample-order.

Operator of ‘We want Shoes’ is Berlin based consulting and IT company WeTriba that gave birth to TribaSpace, an interactive trading and brand marketing platform.