WSA - the world’s largest footwear, handbags, and accessories marketplace - has announced that its “Materials at WSA” conference ( has enhanced the schedule with the addition of a discussion workshop entitled “Demystifying What ‘Green’ Means.” Taking place during the next WSA in Las Vegas, from February 19 through February 21, 2008, the workshop will delineate the definition of this now-popular term and all things "eco" within the supply chain, product and manufacturing arenas.

The event is yet another signifier that "green" is the hot topic of the year that the fashion industry cannot afford to ignore. Discussion will be hosted by specialists within the synthetic, leather and textile industries, Karla S. Mugruder - president of Fabrikology International - and Nicholas M. Yardy PhD. - director of marketing and technical service for Sappi | Warren Release Papers.

“The environmental impact of every industry is under scrutiny today,” said show director Courtney Harold. “It is key that everyone within the chain of footwear production and commerce understands the issues.”