Bologna-based WP Lavori in Corso is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with the release of “WP Lavori in Corso, Thirty Years of Research in Style,” a book that looks back over 30 years of life in a very dynamic Italian fashion company. It covers WP's history, from the first moves of its founders Giuseppe and daughter Cristina Calori, and examines its evolution through distributor and licensor of global heritage brands, founder of its own multi-brand retail chain, brand and talent scout, and importer of lables such as Woolrich, Vans, Filson, Anna Sui, Pendleton, Columbia, Villebrequin and American Apparel.

Cristina Calori commented: “Our passion and desire for researching historical brands has become an international case history. We’re happy to have worked with a team of creative business talents to make this book, which shares with the world that story and passion.” The book was published by Rizzoli and Rizzoli International under the direction of Inventory Magazine and will be sold worldwide.

"I'm proud of these 30 years," Calori went on. “As the company's name clearly states, our objective and mission remain the same: to continue evolving and growing endlessly. Our aim is to acquire new brands to complete the WP portfolio – we most recently took over Baracuta – and to expand in geographic areas where we have yet to go."