WP Lavori has opened a new concept store in Riccione, the Italian holiday resort on the Adriatic sea, in the local Palacongressi. Designed with technological, design and eco-friendly principles in mind, the new store is completely built from steel and glass. The store design creative director Luca Caccioni focused on bright and welcoming hues and employed recycled materials for decoration. Several of the walls are totally covered with piles of books – a distinctive mark for almost all of WP Stores. Meanwhile, on the second floor, there is a “birdhouse” that is two spaces connected by stairs and featuring a window through which one can look down on part of the store.

WP Lavori in Corso is consistent with its focus on research and behind the historical brands Woolrich John Rich & Bros, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Woolrich Pennrich, B.D. Baggies, Barbour and the new license for Avon Celli. “The US has always been a fruitful source of inspiration for us. Now Japan has added as an environment offering new significant creative stimuli,” said creative director Andrea Cané.

New entries from Japan include Beams+ — one of the most significant extensions of the Beams brand — Kid Fith, Traditional Weatherwear, and Nanamica, and from the US Save Khaki, Engineered Garments for women,  Tailgate, Meg Company and Yukateen footwear.