Italian group WP Lavori in Corso continues its retail expansion plans by inaugurating both Woolrich Stores and WP Stores (multibrand stores selling a selection of international research brands), in Italy and worldwide in Europe, Asia and the US. The group also expects to register +10% sales by end 2014.

For fall/winter 2014, they will inaugurate a series of new Woolrich Stores in Prague, Hamburg, Tokyo and Soho New York, in addition to a series of shop-in-shops in Italy and Europe. In Hamburg, they will open their third German Woolrich Store, after previous openings in Munich and Sylt, soon to be followed by other openings in Germany as well as in the city center of Prague, debuting in the Czech market.

The openings in Asia and Northern America will set the launch for Woolrich John Rich & Bros outside of Europe. The Tokyo Woolrich Store will open a two-floor boutique in central Shibuya. The new shop will offer the Woolrich John Rich men and women collections and Woolrich Woolen Mills.

Their new store in NY, in Soho, between Wooster and Prince Street, will be the first flagship in the US, and will be followed by other openings in the US and Canada. On offer, there will be Woolrich John Rich & Bros for men, women and kids, Woolrich Woolen Mills and a selection of Made in USA wool Woolrich blankets and bags.

According to Woolrich’s retail plans, they expects to open 15 new stores in major European and international capitals and skiing resorts.

Speaking about the WP Stores, between end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 they opened WP Stores in Parma, Turin and the first two international WP Stores in Seoul and Brooklyn. For the first time the group has exported its concept as distributor of heritage brands and international heritage brands. The Brooklyn WP Store is the first retail example opened in Northern America based in Cobble Hill, in South Brooklyn.

WP group are expected to register a 10% growth by end 2014. From the €120 million registered in 2013 to the €132 million totaled in 2014.  Europe represented 40% of their sales last winter. Italy is the group’s first market, followed by Germany, which registered +36% when comparing sales from FW14 to FW13, even if other markets registered a significant growth (Switzerland, Benelux, Russia, Scandinavia, UK and France) as well as the overseas markets: US, Japan and Korea.

WP’s portfolio of distributed brands includes Woolrich John Rich & Bros (men, women and kids), Woolrich Woolen Mills, Penn-rich, Baracuta, Barbour, Blundstone and Palladium.