Within the celebration of its 30th anniversary, WP Lavori in Corso has announced the acquisition of the worldwide license for the historic British brand Baracuta starting from spring/summer 2013 to enrich its portfolio of brands.

WP Lavori in Corso was founded in1982 in Bologna, Italy, by Cristina Calori. The company is worldwide licensee of international brands Woolrich John Rich & Bros, Woolrich Woolen Mills, Woolrich Penn-rich, Avoncelli, BD Baggies and distributor of the Barbour and Blundstone brands. WP Lavori in Corso closed the year 2011 with a €119 million turnover, +19% compared with 2010, mainly thanks to a strong growth of the European, American and Japanese markets.

WP will present the first new collection of Baracuta s/s 2013 with an official event in collaboration with Pitti Immagine Uomo on 19 June 2012. The event will serve as a music and video retrospective of the last 75 years of the Anglosaxon cultural world. It will be accompanied by international DJs and VJs and will to tell the story of the brand’s iconic G9 jacket’s link with the music and movie industries.

Baracuta, founded in Manchester in 1937, is an iconic British apparel brand. Over the years its models G9 and G4 were worn by celebrities such as Elvis Presley, James Dean, Frank Sinatra, Ryan O'Neal and Steve McQueen, and in 1966 by the England World Cup Team. The success of the G9 model exploded in the 1950s thanks to distribution in the US. In the following years the jacket was adopted by the legendary golf player Arnold Palmer and significant sub-cultures such as the mods, ska, punk and britpop movements that set the tone for the brand in the following years.

The classic blouson bomber jacket has become a most recognized garment in menswear: the original model is Baracuta’s G9 jacket, which was created by the Miller brothers 1937 and later refined in 1938 with the acquisition of the Fraser Tartan for the inner lining - the same pattern that is still used today.

WP Lavori has managed the collection in respect of the brand’s tradition. The new collection will see the introduction of new brand labeling; subtle changes to the G9 and G4 known as the made in UK range and the introduction of 24 new styles. The fine tuning on the icons has been quality driven, with the usage, for example, of cotton and Coolmax for the inside lining, Fraser Tartan for the G9 and G4 made in UK, and Primaloft for quilted jackets.

S/s 2013 will include three different categories including made in UK; the Core Collection known as Ivory Label and the designer range known as Blue Label, which is a project designed by Kenichi Kusano, former director of Japan's Beams+, all of which will be showcased during Pitti in June.

The s/s 2013 collection will be distributed in Italy, Germany, UK, Scandinavia, USA and Japan, through top level distribution. Aim of the operation is to reach a minimum turnover of €8m in three years.