Knitwear label Witty Knitters has opened its first flagship store on the exclusive Kaiserkai in Hamburg. In July of this year, thw label has already started with two shops in Keitum and Westerland on the island of Sylt. In December 2011 there is another shop opening scheduled to open in Kitzbühel which is set to be an international milestone for the brand, the so-called “Cashmere Wonderland” with the rabbit as the brand’s logo. The company has plans to open 15 further stores in cities like Vienna, Copenhagen, Zurich and Brussels by 2014.

The Witty Knitters Holding was founded in 2011 and is run by shareholder Peter Ripper (Vancouver/Kanada) International Sourcing, Hans-Jürgen Heiderich (Frankfurt am Main) International Real Estate and Financing, Manuel Rivera International Retail und Matthias Lemcke (Multi-Channel GmbH) International Marketing and Distribution.