The German Innovation Prize for Textiles and Fashion 2009 was awarded to Gregor Hohn, Elisabeth Holzer and Michael Sontag on Monday at Düsseldorf’s K21 museum. Sontag, who won the fashion design category, is currently a student at Berlin’s art college Weißensee and was lauded for his ability to translate the zeitgeist into his timeless designs. Holzer, also from Weißensee, won first prize in the textile design category for her work entitled “Orinuno – folded silk," inspired by eastern origami. Hohn, who studied biology, meanwhile won the innovative textiles category after developing a therapeutic wound dressing with a textile depot fiber that contains an active pharmaceutical ingredient. The winners received prize money in the amount of €10,000 and the equivalent of €40,000 in additional support such as expert mentoring, fair presentations and workshops. This is the second time the Gesamtverband Textil und Mode competition has been held. The next competition will take place in 2010.

—Isabel Mühlbauer