To promote French fashion at independent American retailers in the USA, French trade show What’s Next has launched a new promotional tour in partnership with Galaries Lafayette Paris and French fashion design agency Transatlantic. 500 retailers in 10 cities will be targeted beginning in San Francisco on August 10. The agency’s brands and leading trends for summer 2013 will be introduced and presented at the trade show’s latest edition on board an airstream trailer turned moving showroom.

The brand list includes Corpus Christi (jewelry), Appartement Louer (jewelry), Delphine Charlotte Parmentier (jewelry), Marchand Drapier (ready-to-wear), Chapal (ready-to-wear and accessories), Atelier Mercadal (shoes), Guibert Paris (leather goods), Royalties (socks), Maison F (bow ties and ties) and Site Corot (porcelain). The trailer will also provide the setting for parties and special events in major fashion cities and during leading fashion events such as Magic in Las Vegas and New York Fashion Week.

Retailers will be given a "privilege card" for free access to the trade show and several special offers including a trip package at a discount rate, free transfer between the airport and trade show, access to the show’s VIP lounge and concierge service. Additionally, the Galaries Lafayette will provide American visitors with VIP hospitality, including a glass of champagne and a 10% discount voucher on their purchases. To top it off, visitors will have the chance to win a road trip to Paris including a three-night stay during the show’s upcoming January edition as well as a €100 gift voucher for Galaries Lafayette.

Who’s Next stops:

August 10-13: San Francisco

August 14-17: Los Angeles

August 24-25: Aspen

August 26-28: Dallas

August 29-30: Austin

September 5-6: Atlanta

September 7-12: New York

September 13-15: Chicago