White, the womenswear show held between Feb. 28 and Mar. 2 in the Tortona area of Milan, ended on a positive note, with 37% more buyers in attendance than in March. Specifically, there were 9,942 buyers, with 38% more Italians and 35% more foreigners on site. The overall number of visitors was 12,550, with 591 Italian and foreign journalists.

The show registered significant attendance as of the first day (some 4,500 buyers) and the mood was generally optimistic and lively. Foreigners came from the Far East, from countries such as Japan and Hong Kong, as well as the US; the number of Europeans, particularly from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Greece, also grew. Russian and Eastern European countries also increased their presence.

A party held at the Grand Hotel De Milan presenting a range of new talents exhibiting at White kicked off the first day of the show with 400 participants, including top buyers, entrepreneurs, young designers, showrooms and press people. The day after, the Mayor of Milan Letizia Moratti visited the show and expressed enthusiasm for the show.

“The results of this edition of White are encouraging,” said Massimiliano Bizzi, President of M.Seventy, organizer of the White umbrella of shows. “They are a confirmation that Milan can be a key location for international fashion business initiatives.” Said Simona Severini, White General Manager: “The strategic decision to enlarge the show including the former Ansaldo areas confirm the validity of our scouting and selecting new brands appreciated by buyers. The trade show’s DNA hasn’t changed [and there still is a] positive and relaxed atmosphere pervading the event.”

This season, White doubled its exhibiting space, occupying 4,500 sq. meters and hosting 350 brands. The show, in addition to its former location in Superstudiopiù Via Tortona 27, also occupied the Via Torona 54, ex-Ansaldo areas, formerly a train carriage manufacturing site. This new area, while restructured, maintained an aged, poetic feel and was home to the White Beauty section, offering 24 high-end cosmetic and beauty brands.

The new location also hosted several unique brands such as Gudrun & Gudrun, a brand from the North Atlantic Sea Faroe Islands (between Iceland and Norway). The brand offered a unique collection of handmade knitwear, plus 100% non-treated organic wool items. Mauro Grifoni Denim, Piera wits its handmade accessories and Carta & Costura, which offered innovative treated fabrics, rounded out the unique offerings.

A selection of upcoming designers also included brands such as Coliac Martina Grasselli with its oversize jewelry in metal and plastic, and Norwegian Rain, with its waterproof thermosealed technical outerwear garments.

A group of eco-friendly projects was also presented in the section called Selection by C.L.A.S.S. Among them, Borrello & Co. offered certified eco-minded woven labels and recycled paper packaging components. Fashion Helmet offered Ingeo fabrics while Rizieri showcased shoes made with zero-impact materials.

The basement area showcased a unique environment consisting of high-end international experimental brands including Dmajuscule, Marsell and Vozianov Atelier.

—Maria Cristina Pavarini