It’s official. Christian “Ed Hardy” Audigier is launching a trade show in Las Vegas. Scheduled to go head to head with Project, Aug. 25-28, at Caesar’s Palace Ballroom, the show, titled “When I Move You Move,” is expected to showcase all of Audigier’s brands and over 50 licenses, including Smet, Crystal Rock, C-Bar-A and Paco Chicano. It will also debut Savoir Faire, Evel Knievel and Macy Gray’s new clothing line Snac, Snoop Dogg’s Co Co Ri and Dave Stewart’s Rock Fabulous. Audigier is also said to be launching a “secret new blockbuster line” based on a legendary, iconic figure. “Through my lines I have created a story and a lifestyle, and I want to express that with my show. I don’t want just another trade show; I want an experience that people will never forget!” said Audigier by press release. To wit, WIMYM is promising big name celebrities, fashion shows and performances by Dave Stewart, TI, Macy Gray and Snoop Dogg. There will also be guest appearances by Nicky Hilton, showing her line Chick and Tara Reid with her line Mantra. Audigier’s show is backed, no less, by a massive worldwide ad campaign featuring extensive press leading up to the event, direct mail to all retailers, 10 Vegas billboards and 1,000 taxi-backs to increase awareness and buyer participation.