Wet Seal Inc. (wetseal.com), a top US specialty retailer for trendy clothing and accessories, will pitch its Wet Seal division’s fall ’04 collection with a new marketing campaign. The campaign, which includes print ads, a new PR agency (New York-based LaForce & Stevens) and a teen consultant, also includes the introduction of "Wet Seal Stylizers."

The 11 "stylizers" are Wet Seal customers, who were selected from a countrywide search by the company and who represent the chain’s most fashionable consumers. The girls, ages 17-23, will appear in Wet Seal ads in teen fashion magazines and will also advise the company on the latest teen trends.

Wet Seal CEO Peter D. Whitford says of the group, "Our stylizers will not only keep us informed of the latest trends in pop culture, but will also help spread the word about the new Wet Seal directly to our target market."

In addition to the new, young consultants’ teen-focused advice, Wet Seal has brought Anne Zehren, the former publisher of "Teen People" magazine on board to provide assistance with the campaign and, as Whitford explains, to "ensure we speak with credibility to our target customer."

Based in Foothill Ranch, California, Wet Seal, Inc., runs 472 Wet Seal stores and 98 Arden B. Stores in the United States. The stores are located in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.