Following its debut in Hamburg, the Swedish brand Weekday will expand its retail business with its newest store set to open on Feb. 26 in Cologne.

“The story of Weekday began in Sweden but we strongly believe that the next chapter will take place in cities around the globe,” said a company spokesperson.

The first Weekday store opened in Stockholm in 2002. Today the brand has several stores in Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

As part of its expansion at retail, Weekday founders Adam Friberg, Lars Karlsson, Örjan Andersson and Linda Friberg have also partnered with Hennes & Mauritz, which has carried 60% of Weekday’s offerings since 2008. “We are growing constantly with our brands and do not have problems expanding our own stores in Scandinavia. H&M is the perfect partner to expand in other countries outside of Scandinavia. We can use the longtime experience of H&M in the German market and the synergies in terms of logistics, administration expansion and production.”

Aside from Weekday’s MTWTFSS collection, the stores also retail CheapMonday and Weekday Vintage. In spring 2009 Weekday launched its new concept Weekday Collaborations. So far the collaborations have included designers such as Carin Wester, Nhu Duong, Nakkna, Mini Market, Peter Jensen, Ali Zedtwitz and Stine Goya.

—Melanie Gropler