Young men’s brand Wearfirst ( has announced that it has signed a licensing arrangement to produce a comprehensive collection of young men’s and boys’ retro-inspired woven and knit tops.

Produced by The Jeetish Group, a 27-year-old specialist in men’s and women’s sportswear, the new collection will debut at next month’s MAGIC show at Wearfirst’s booth in the Young Men’s section.

The tops will feature fabrics that are washed, weathered and distressed and the collection’s price points will complement Wearfirst’s affordable bottoms.

“I am excited to be working with The Jeetish Group,” said Wearfirst’s president Harry Thompson. “I know they will produce a collection of tops that fits into the fashion dynamic of the Wearfirst customer.”

Wearfirst is a 10-year-company that has dual corporate offices in New York and Shanghai. It products are sold throughout the US and Europe.