British designer Vivienne Westwood has designed the ‘Save the Arctic’ logo in support of Greenpeace’s latest campaign. The logo was presented within her Gold Label Spring/Summer ’14 show.

The Greenpeace campaign portrays celebrities such as George Clooney, Chris Martin, Monty Python's Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam, as well as the modelling mother and daughter Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger, Paloma Faith and the actress Saffron Burrows. All images were taken by award-winning celebrity photographer Andy Gotts MBE.

"People want to support Vivienne Westwood," commented Gotts. "She's so passionate. They see Vivienne as someone really special and people feel the urge to fight in her corner."

Westwood met Gotts at a charity photo shoot for Elton John and he offered to help with her campaign portraits for Greenpeace.

"Andy is popular with celebrities because he makes it all a pleasant experience. I also really relied on the help of Jerry Hall and Georgia May to do this," said Westwood. The T-shirt design, a heart-shaped globe, was picked for its clarity. ‘Celebrities are often the key to getting a message across,’ said Westwood, adding that she hopes to do more campaign work with famous names. "Public opinion is very responsive to celebrity.”

The Arctic is one of the last untouched places on earth, home to more than four million people as well as unique animals found nowhere else on the planet. Greenpeace is working to ensure that this precious region is protected for generations to come.