Germany’s online clothing-exchange platform Kleiderkreisel currently expands its business to Great Britain and the United States, after already expanding their shareconomy-concept to France in April 2013. Outside of Germany, the company appears under the international name Vinted.

Within a few months the three branches in France, Great Britain and the USA were able to register a broad increase in membership. Currently over five million members are registered on Vinted worldwide. The platform offers its members to exchange, sell and gift other members items of clothing as well as accessories, footwear and cosmetics via mobile app and from their home computer on / and

With over two million members and twelve million offered items, Kleiderkreisel is one of the biggest fashion sites in the German-speaking area. The unconventional concept connects an active online community with a market place for unutilized clothing and cosmetics and tries to establish the use of quality second-hand-clothing worldwide.

Martin Huber, managing director and co-founder of Kleiderkreisel comments: “We want to achieve that before buying a piece of clothing, one first goes to Kleiderkreisel to search for that item (…) Not only the seller and buyer profit from it, but it also (…) conserves resources.”

The concept of Kleiderkreisel was invented in Lithuania and by now operates web platforms in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, France, Great Britain and the USA. Kleiderkreisel started as a small Startup company in 2009 and now engages over 120 employees worldwide.