If you can’t beat them, buy them. This seems to be the fierce expansion policy guiding the most recent steps taken by vente-privee.com to become Europe’s most relevant online shopping club. It started back in late 2015 when the company acquired a majority share in Vente Exclusive, a similar and well established business concept in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Once again, Vente-privee.com has taken over yet another important fashion ecommerce competitor in Southern Europe for an undisclosed amount: Privalia. The company, founded in 2006 by Lucas Carné and José Manuel Villanueva, has operations in Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico. Both founders are now part of Vente Privee’s management team.

Besides the acquisition of the Spanish online player, Vente-privee.com also acquired a majority stake in Swiss website Eboutic.ch. The two entrpreneurs who started the Swiss site, Arthur Dauchez and Laure de Gennes, will continue as directors of the site for the time being. “Thanks to our partnership, we’re well prepared for the next phase of growth,” said Dauchez.