Online flash sales platform Vente Privee wants to stay on the expansion route and carry out several investments amounting to millions of Euros over the coming years. Jean-Michel Guarneri, who was named the company’s Director of Supply Chain in May 2012, announced plans to fundamentally renew and modernize Vente Privee’s largest logistics center in Lyon, France by 2014. No concrete numbers or technological features have been clarified as of yet, but Guarneri said the investment made could amount to “anything between 5 and 15 million Euro.” He also mentioned the possibility of opening further logistic warehouses in Germany, underlining the importance that the company sees in the German market. He commented, “According to studies, we are the number one most popular fashion retailer in France and there is no reason why we shouldn’t reach the same status in Germany.”

To achieve this goal and to find even more brands to cooperate with, one of the enterprise’s top priorities is to decrease its return rates. As a company that specializes in flash sales with limited product availability, return numbers are of crucial importance to Vente Privee because the “normal” process of reintegrating returned merchandise for future shoppers does not apply. For strategic reasons, no statement has yet been made regarding current return rates, but Guarneri ensures them to be significantly lower than in the average e-business. In an attempt to downsize return numbers even further, the company believes in cooperating with their customers and giving them an understanding of their extraordinary business model via the shopping club’s communication channels.