Von Dutch (vondutch.com) is stepping it up with the announcement of the hiring of a new creative director Marisol Gerona to design The Collection, a new line for men and women set to debut for spring 2009. The Collection will feature looks inspired by the classic Hollywood style of icons such as Steve McQueen as well as the current trends in the Los Angeles’ music scene. Gerona’s debut collection for Von Dutch will be available for preview and orders beginning in July 2008.

“We’re ready to hit the market again,” says Tonny Sorensen, creative director at Von Dutch, the Hollywood brand that has lain low on the scene in recent years, following it’s assault on the market in 2002 with the logo-heavy Von Dutch Originals collection – a favorite with the LA starlets and one that proved the brand a trailblazer in celebrity endorsement.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to design a lifestyle collection based on the height of American culture” said Gerona, whose career has seen her work with brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Raw 7, Design Merchants and Harari.