“If wool is the king, silk is the queen, cotton the aunt and linen the uncle.” - Vivienne Westwood.

In an historic partnership with The Woolmark Company, Vivienne Westwood celebrates the finest Australian merino wool in an fall/winter 2012-13 exclusive collection. The luxury twelve piece collection includes both menswear and women’s wear, and presents a unique selection of garments showcasing the true versatility of the merino fibre.

With a design record spanning over forty years, Vivienne Westwood, the designer and iconic British brand has a rich history of creating fashion and generating influence. Vivienne Westwood is renowned for using different forms of wool and noble fibres in her collections and has always been an avid supporter for the use of wool as a sustainable fibre in fashion. Choose well, buy less and make it last has been a philosophy of Vivienne Westwood throughout her career; most recently expressed through the use of natural, long-lasting merino wool within her fall/winter Gold, Red and Man Label collections.

Highlights within the collection include 100% Merino wool jersey ‘intimo’ button down one piece cardigans tailored to the body in classic knits. Merino wool’s ability to hold colour like no other fibre also lends itself to the deep autumnal colour palette of the collection - with hues of black, beige, camel, bordeaux, blues and sage.

Within the Gold Label women’s wear Collection, soft woven merino wool has been elegantly tailored to create a knee length dress with built in corset, cinched at the waist, with a striking cut out neckline. The finest merino has also been used to create a light weight jersey dress that hugs the body yet gives structure to the shoulders – so luxurious next to skin that an all in one cardigan suit also makes the perfect everyday piece.

For the Red Label classic women’s knitwear pieces there are long sleeved drop waist cardigans, and three quarter length crew neck tops with twin set style fine knit cardigans, versatile for any occasion.

“When I began as a fashion designer, well over thirty years ago, I succeeded in re-introducing into fashion the idea of fine knitwear, the English twinset. Everybody loves this fine knitwear. It’s so light, so comfortable. You can add more than one layer and it looks great,“ commented Vivienne Westwood.

For Vivienne Westwood Man there are classic knit cardigans, v- neck pull overs and the finest knit two-tone turtle necks and button down cardigans, all made using merino wool; the fibres durability and easy-care attributes mean they can last a lifetime. The designer continued: “I would prefer for a gentleman to purchase just one of my pieces and have it last 10 years, rather than purchase 10 cheap sweaters and have them for only a year.”

Stuart McCullough, Director of The Woolmark Company said: “We are very pleased to have one of the world’s most influential and important designers of our time, Vivienne Westwood, showcasing Merino wool at its finest. Merino wool is a beautiful natural fibre; Vivienne Westwood highlights its modernity and relevance in high end fashion.“

“Wool is one of the world’s great natural fibres, famous for its versatility and comfort - warm in winter, cool in summer, it is incredibly versatile. People will not want manmade fibres anymore and luxury will be seen in the great traditional, natural, fibres,“ explained Ms Westwood.

The Vivienne Westwood merino wool fall-winter 2012-13 collections are available in selected Vivienne Westwood stores globally and at www.viviennewestwood.com

“If wool is the king, silk is the queen, cotton the aunt and linen the uncle.” - Vivienne Westwood.
“If wool is the king, silk is the queen, cotton the aunt and linen the uncle.” - Vivienne Westwood.