Online sales event leader Vente-Privee has signed rock icon Iggy Pop to launch his latest album on its platform. The long player “Après” features cover versions of international and French classics.

From May 9, 7pm onwards, the 15 million Vente-Privee members in eight European countries may purchase the album at a price of €7/£6 during a period of three weeks. It offers a whole new sound, worlds away from what Iggy Pop’s audience has been used to. The Stooges’ charismatic leader, a pioneer in the punk movement, performs classic hits such as “I wanna be your dog” or “The passenger” and steers towards a new direction with “Après”, in which he covers international and French classics. Explaining his choice, he says:

“This album is very different from anything I’ve done in the past and is not what record companies expect from me. But first and foremost, I was free! All my commitments were over with when I was told about and I liked its concept, its innovation and its quick turnaround times. The way the audience discovers the album, listens to it, then buys it, all goes really quickly and I like that! I’m also very curious to see how it goes as I’m in unknown territory here, like a guest at his host’s. also has a good reputation but it’s the novel aspect that I was attracted to first and foremost.”

Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, Henri Salvador… Iggy Pop covers hits from these legendary artists, unveiling a different side to his talents: with his rock but velvety and seductive voice, the artist reveals the crooner inside of him, both by his song selection and the way he performs them.

For Iggy Pop, this album “Après” follows his previous album “Préliminaires” (2009). “If the “Préliminaires” precede love, “Après” is what comes after the romance,” explains Iggy Pop. “There are ten songs in this album, of which just a little over half are in French. The songs in English, which refer to love’s torments, are classics that I’ve wanted to sing my whole life. Fred Neil, Sinatra, Cole Porter… I’ve always wanted to give it a go. I was in Paris promoting “Préliminaires”, my previous album, when someone gave me a CD of French songs. I really liked it and, like the American classics in my new album, I wanted to sing them. I mixed it all up. Musically speaking, it allowed me to head in a completely new direction.” What’s also new is that this artist chose not to use the usual distribution channels.

“Après” will be available from May 14 onwards at
“Après” will be available from May 14 onwards at

1. Et si tu n’existais pas (Joe Dassin)
2. La Javanaise (Serge Gainsbourg)
3. Everybody’s talkin’ (Harry Nilsson)
4. I’m going away smiling (Yoko Ono)
6. Les passantes (Georges Brassens)
5. La vie en rose (Edith Piaf)
7. Syracuse (Henri Salvador)
8. What is this thing called love (Cole Porter)
9. Michelle (The Beatles)
10. Only the lonely (Frank Sinatra)