Online flash sales pioneer and provider Vente Privee opened the new fiscal year with revenue in the billions and has advanced to one of the 50 fastest growing brands in the world. With its US launch, the web retailer has crossed its European borders and become a global company that has 15 million members worldwide.

Gross revenue in 2011 amounted to €1,073 billion, showing an 11% growth. 15% of the company’s turnover came from Vente Privee’s mobile applications for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android and iPad, which accounts for 450,000 daily visits. In 2011 4,350 sales events took place on the e-commerce site, which adds up to an additional 24% on a year-to-year basis. 48 million products from 1,500 partner brands are on offer, resulting in the shipment of 75,000 orders daily, on average.

According to a survey by Millward Brown, because of its significant revenue growth and long-term customer retention, Vente Privee has entered the Top 50 fastest growing companies in the world, which include Apple, Google, Mercedes Benz and Hugo Boss. The research also shows that these companies serve a higher purpose and that their goodwill, compared to that of their competitors, leads to triple growth rates.

In 2012 Vente Privee will strive for further growth by emphasizing cross-channelling activities and the development of new sectors such as the sale of immaterial goods like coupons. “Our website is a media platform for brands and artists, thanks to more than 15 million members and 2.5 million unique visitors per day,” remarked CEO and founder Jacques-Antoine Granjon.