This fall, Urban Outfitters introduces their first-ever men's catalog, an online-only book shot in New York City by photographer Jason Nocito.

All of the guys who appear in the catalog are NYC locals who are chosen for their mix of talent, individual style and personality. Curtis Kulig is an artist and photographer whose iconic "Love Me" campaign has graced everything from hotel walls to cosmetics packaging to bar bathrooms around the world. Wade Oates is a photographer and a musician, and was a founding member of the band The Virgins. Cordell Walcott is a musician, producer and general multi-tasker also known as Jedi-P. Phony Ppl is a nine-piece hip-hop collective who coalesced as teenagers in Brooklyn.

To go along with the catalog, Nocito also collaborated with Urban Outfitters on two short behind-the-scenes films, one with Curtis Kulig and one featuring Phony Ppl.

The catalog features brands sich as Staple, Obey, Vanishing Elephant, Insight, Dockers, KR3W, Levi's, Kill City and more.