The Fast Retailing Group reported cumulative gains in both sales and income for the third quarter of fiscal 2013, or the nine months from September 2012 through May 2013. Its consolidated sales totaled ¥885.8bln (+19.1%), about €6.77 billion and an operating income of ¥88.4bln (+21.9%), about €676 million. Breaking this performance down into Group segments, Uniqlo International generated significant growth in both sales and income, while their other two segments, Uniqlo Japan and Global Brands, reported a fall in profits.

For Uniqlo Japan sales increased but income fell in the third quarter from March to May 2013. While same-store sales growth proved strong at 9.3% year on year, a contraction in the gross profit margin knocked operating income lower. They expect operating income at Uniqlo Japan to rise 3.6% year on year in fiscal 2013 to ¥106.0bln.

Uniqlo International registered considerable growth in both sales and income in the third quarter from March to May 2013. The significant gain in profits can be attributed to the group's commitment to open large numbers of new stores, primarily in the Asian region, and also to consistent strong growth in same-store sales in Asia.