Unicredit Bank has recently announced its new allegiance aimed at supporting Made in Italy manufacturing through the new platform “Unicredit International for Fashion” signed together with the Italian Fashion Chamber and SMI (Sistema Moda Italia).
The agreement aims at supporting the commercial growth of the 50,000 Italian companies that make up the Italian fashion-textile industry.
“Unicredit believes in Italian fashion textile industry,” commented Federico Ghizzoni, CEO, Unicredit. “We expect a +3.6% growth for the sector in 2014, a total turnover of €52.6 billion sales and an export increase of about 5.6%. Unicredit is presently serving about 20% of this segment through about 12,000 companies, 71% of whose are small enterprises to whom we are giving €4 billion credit (two thirds are big companies and one third are smaller enterprises).”
“The new Unicredit platform was started one year ago and has already supplied 150 million of new financing,” commented Gabriele Piccini, country chairman, Unicredit. “Over 200 companies have received Unicredit’s support for their international activities, 80 strategic projects and 50 scouting operations. Our plan is to supply €120 billion in the next four years subdivided between €80 billion to companies and €40 billion for supporting families.”
The involvement of Italy’s Fashion Chamber and SMI in the project underlines the importance of creativity in this initiative and not simply economic results. “The Italian fashion Chamber and SMI will play as guarantor when a company shows to be deserving economic support – especially when most creative and innovative ones will be involved, and significantly promising start-ups,” commented Mario Boselli and Jane Reeve, respectively president and CEO Italian Fashion Chamber and Claudio Marenzi, president, SMI.