Italian retail chain Upim has just started to take a new course. After the acquisition by Coin Group at the end of 2009, they now reopened the first store with a sales floor of 1,630sqm in Milan’s Corso Buenos Aires with regard to a new store concept project. Also opening this month are another Milan store at Piazzale Corvetto with 2,230sqm and two stores in Rome’s Piazza S.Maria Maggiore and Via Tuscolana of respectively 2,237 and 1,850 sqm.

The new Upim store concept is inspired by reintepreting the shopping experience according to a 'pop' vision, both culturally and in terms of approaching the market. “The new Upim Pop is born with the aim to innovate and go beyond a traditional idea of a  store,” explained Stefano Beraldo, CEO Coin Group. “Spaces are redesigned for involving visitors and let them live inside the store and not simply pass through it. The new concept store is like a sort of search engine, though not a virtual one. It is an emporium located in the city center. In a single location, one can find everything people want: not only apparel, homeware and fragrances but also books, technology products, eyewear, sporting goods and food.”

Inspired by pop art’s color clash interiors and lively neon light decors, the store also offers relaxing areas – be it a bar or a pizzeria. Brands offered include Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Desigual, Lee, Wrangler, Levi’s, Rifle, Gaudi and Australian.

For three days after the opening of both the Milan and Rome stores, authentic Andy Warhol masterpieces like “Campbell’s Soup Dress” were exhibited, with regard to the revolutionary approach of the new Upim Pop store concept.