Amsterdam-based denim brand G-Star just announced the start of a legal action against Danish Bestseller Retail Europe in 12 European countries. G-Star accuses Bestseller brand Jack & Jones of having copied specified designs of garments and the embedding of the G-Star look and feel in their collections.
As a concrete example G-Star mentions a Vila Clothes shirt that shows a photo print of Gemma Arterton, G-Star RAW’s current campaign model. Vila started to sell the shirt with the not formally granted motif directly after the campaign launch.

Bestseller's reactions:
"As we have not yet received any actual summons, and therefore do not know the specific content, we cannot comment on the accusations. However, we can comment on the misleading and propagandistic nature of the material recently produced by G-Star’s PR department.

In the case concerning the mentioned VILA CLOTHES t-shirt, we do not agree that VILA CLOTHES has infringed G-Star’s right or has committed an act of tort. VILA CLOTHES is not using Gemma Arterton images on clothes or in its marketing in general. No reference is made to Gemma Arterton and there has been no intention that this should look like a picture of her or that VILA CLOTHES should indicate to use her as a model. This t-shirt was an offer sample from a supplier, and VILA CLOTHES has never known or thought of the possibility that the girl on the picture could resemble Gemma Arterton. The print on the t-shirt and the fact that G-Star is using Gemma Arterton as a campaign model is a coincidence. 

In general we believe that the motives of G-Star are doubtful and must be seen in the light of the competitive environment and developments in the market. We welcome competition, but we are convinced that unsubstantiated accusations aimed at boosting the image of G-Star will not help them gain market shares."
G-Star vs Jack & Jones
G-Star vs Jack & Jones

Recently G-Star filed two legal cases against H&M in which they firstly defended its classic jeans fit “Elwood” against a copy in The Netherlands and secondly its trademark “RAW” in the entire European Union.